Peter Stauning

Peter Stauning

Senior Scientist (emeritus)
Danish Meteorological Institute
Lyngbyvej 100
DK-2100 Copenhagen Ø
Phone: +45 39 15 74 73 

Research Areas 

  • Solar Wind
  • Magnetosphere
  • Ionosphere Interactions
  • Polar ionospheric convection and field-aligned currents
  • Auroral substorm processes
  • Radiation in Space
  • Wave Propagation in the Ionosphere
  • Ionospheric absorption of radio waves

Research Projects

  • Project Scientist for the Ørsted satellite 2001-2009
  • PI for the "External Field" Research at DMI (1991-2009)
  • PI for the Ørsted High-Energy Particle Detector Experiment (since 1991)
  • PI for polar imaging riometer array

Publications (list available)

  • 136 scientific publications in refereed journals, books and proceedings
  • 179 conference talks and poster presentations
  • numerous popular, educational and news articles

Reviewer for scientific journals and institutes

  • Journal of Geophysical Research, Geophysical Research Letters
  • Annales Geophysicae, Radio Science, Earth, Planets and Space
  • Advances in Space Research, Polar Upper Atmosphere Research
  • US National Science Foundation, NASA (Research proposals)

Additional comments

As of 31 July 2009 I have retired from my position at DMI. However, I have obtained an agreement with the Institute to still have an office, computer, e-mail and telephone (the above) at DMI as well as access to archived and current geophysical data. It is my plan to continue working on current research projects concerning, among others, Oersted satellite data analyses, Polar Ionospheric and Geomagnetic measurements, and Space Weather investigations.

Recent Publications and Books

Scientific Publications List

Moltke book (in Danish)